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To my followers,

Due to a problem with the new “two-way authorization” security option, which I activated last week, I can no longer log on to my Tumblr account. The problem is that I am not receiving the SMS with the needed code. At present my only way into the account is via my mobile, which still happens to be logged in – for now.

This issue explains why my posts are at present infrequent, or why they may temporarily stop. While Tumblr was quick to reply to my initial query for help, they have stopped responding to emails. If you know how to “force” the system to send me a new code via SMS, or if you have heard of similar issues, please contact me. It is extremely frustrating that I am unable to show you things medieval - other than typing posts on my phone.


Pic: London, BL, Add. 11639.


Three unfinished pages by George Pérez from the sadly never published original Justice League/Avengers crossover, circa 1983. “The plot of the original crossover was a time travel story involving Marvel’s Kang the Conqueror and DC’s Lord of Time. Writer/editor Roy Thomas was hired to script the book, based on [Gerry] Conway’s plot, and although work had begun on the series in 1981 (Pérez had penciled 21 pages by mid-1983) and it was scheduled for publication in May 1983, editorial disputes prevented the story from being completed.” (via)

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