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As creators of a Giant Wooden Pencil (that actually writes) we love this awesome HB Lamp created by London-based design team Michael & George. The six-foot-tall, handmade pencil lamp features a 33-foot-long cord emerging from the tip of the pencil, which enables users to make it appear as though they’ve scribbled all over the room (and even the walls if you’re clever with a few small hooks).

They say, “our hope is to inspire light bulb moments within everyone who comes in to contact with the ‘HB Lamp’ (just as the traditional HB pencil has been the conduit to so many light bulb moments throughout history.)”

This delightful device is the first piece ins Michael & George’s new series of Stationery Objects, which sees them turning everyday office supplies into playful, yet useful design pieces. The duo also created a Mini HB Lamp (bottom photo), which stands 40 cm (15 in) tall.

Michael & George will be showing off their HB Lamp with an installation at this year’s London Design Festival on September 12, 2014.

[via Neatorama and Inhabitat]

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